Energy Aware Clock Makes Monitoring Resource Consumption Attractive

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Image via Unplggd
Unplggd thinks that if monitoring home energy use were visually attractive, more people would do it. While there's a whole lot that factors in to getting people to monitor their resource consumption habits and improve usage, we agree that making it visually exciting is a big component. And that's also why we agree that this clock, which does just that, is a cool idea. Swedish designers Loove Broms, Karin Ehrnberger, Sara Ilstedt Hjelm, Erika Lundell and Jin Moen came up with the idea for this clock-style energy monitor to go on your wall. The idea is that the monitor collects data for energy usage in its vicinity and logs it on its face as time goes by. The more energy being consumed, the larger the diameter of the pattern. You're able to see how much was used at 1 PM, 1:15 PM, 2 PM and so on by glancing at it.

energy aware clock concept photo

Granted, there are far more sophisticated dashboards out there for detailed home energy monitoring, but if you're trying to teach your child about energy consumption, this could be a great, simple way to make them aware of when they're using electricity and the effect it has.

The other high point to this design is that it doesn't look like a home energy monitor. Rather than having something resembling a thermostat attached to your wall, or something reminiscent of a (yes, they're cool but let's admit it) geeky indoor/outdoor temperature and humidity gauge sitting on your counter, the Energy Aware Clock would blend right in to home decor. Pretty with a green purpose is design we like best.

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