Enercon E-126: The World's Largest Wind Turbine (for now)

ENERCON will soon be installing a second E-126 directly next to the first one on the Rysumer Nacken. Both turbines are part of a research and development project in which ENERCON will be testing various storage systems in combination with the multi-megawatt wind turbines. More E-126 are planned to follow: One turbine is to be erected at the DEWI-OCC test site in Cuxhaven this fall. In 2008, five other turbines are scheduled to be installed – in Georgsfeld near Aurich, in Hamburg Altenwerder and in Estiennes in Belgium.

Last year, we wrote about the Enercon E-126's younger brother, the Enercon E-112.

::Enercon, via ::New Record: World’s Largest Wind Turbine (7+ Megawatts)
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