Enercon E-126: The World's Largest Wind Turbine (for now)


Now that is a wind turbine. Still a prototype, the E-126 by German company Enercon is record-breaking. The tower is 138 meters high (453 feet) and its walls are 45 centimeters (18 inches) thick, the diameter of the rotor is 126 meters (413 feet) and the blades feature an improved trailing edge that boosts production. Rated at 6 megawatts, it will probably produce more than 7, and despite its huuuuge size, the turbine is easier to install than its predecessors because the blades are made of two components that can be transported separately. More pictures after the jump.


The E-126 should produce about 20,000,000 kwh per annum, enough to power about 5,000 European homes (less in North-America, of course).

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