eMeter Makes Smart Grid Data Matter

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Behind every super hero is a great sidekick. The same is true for the smart grid. The smart grid works to transmit data between homes and utilities, but what of that data? How is it gathered, processed, and used? That's where eMeter steps in, and helps make the data matter.As millions of smart meters get installed across the country, eMeter is creating the software that helps utilities manage all the data gathered by those smart meters.

Among several companies that have taken up eMeter's software is Southern California Edison, which uses eMeter's software already for their 5.3 million meter installation, and the company just landed another deal with CenterPoint Energy of Texas for a 2 million meter installation.

While some smart meter companies install the software in their meters already, eMeter says it's different.

"What we do that they don't do is manage the AMI [advanced metering infrastructure] lifecycle process," said [CEO Cree Edwards]. That includes keeping records on billing, customer changes, meter failures, work orders for replacements, and all the other data those meters may someday collect and transmit.

Besides making the data collected by smart meters actually mean something, eMeter is a great example of a business that is created out of the need for a smart grid. And with the need for jobs in our new green collar economy, the more businesses making useful and successful products and services - especially those that will make our grid more efficient - the better.

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