Embrace Renewables Now, Or Feel the Heat

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I've written before that we can't blame climate change for specific weather events, but that shouldn't stop us from worrying. The fact is that heat waves like the one we just experienced are predicted to get ever more common as we continue to pump carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Bill McKibben has a forceful opinion piece over at The new York Daily News arguing that we have to act now to avoid the worst impact of climate change. Referencing both Mayor Bloomberg's $50m donation to fight new coal plants, and a study that showed New York City could meet half of its peak energy needs with rooftop solar, McKibben argues it is not feasibility, but political will that stands in our way:

The study concluded that two thirds of the buildings in the five boroughs had suitable roof space for solar panels. And if New York, which has one of the most compact footprints on Earth, can provide half of its power from the sun, it could become a worldwide model of clean energy. We're in a race right now. Can we replace fossil fuel quickly enough to keep global warming under control? Solar and wind engineers are doing their best. Unfortunately, so are the oil barons and their allies in Washington.

Check out the full piece on why McKibben is burning up over our energy policy over at the New York Daily News.

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