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I know that many of you can't get enough of Elon Musk, one of the rare entrepreneurs who is tackling big problems in difficult industries because he thinks they're going to make the biggest difference to the future of humanity, not because they're the easiest way to make millions (a man as talented as he is could have done almost anything else).

As Musk says in the interview, when he was in college he came to the conclusion that a few things would have a huge impact on humanity: the development of the internet (giving our civilization a kind of nervous system, so that any part of the system can know everything that is happening anywhere else and communicate with any other part), clean energy (both production and ways to use it -- if you have clean electricity but transportation still uses oil, that doesn't work), and making life multi-planetary. He got involved in all those areas, sometimes simultaneously and while putting all his personal money into his projects, rather than develop another social network or a better way to deliver ads next to search results or whatever, which is what a lot of other really smart people are doing these days.

Anyway, without further ado, her's Musk being interviewed at the Stanford Business School. He talks about a wide range of topics, including a lot of how he thinks about things and what motivates him to do what he does. You can skip to 7:30 if you don't want the introductions:

If Elon isn't in Iron Man mode enough for you in this interview, here's a video where he describes some of the technologies used to design space rockets (and also Tesla electric cars, no doubt):

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