Electronics TakeBack Coalition Grades TV Makers on Recycling


Photo of TVs via Elsie Esq

Just yesterday we half-heartedly gave Sony some props about their new Green Glove television recycling program. Well, turns out the company offers some of the best recycling services around.

The Electronics TakeBack Coalition has released a report card for TV manufacturers and has graded companies on the quality of their recycling programs. The results are pretty depressing, especially considering the push companies are making for people to buy upgraded TVs for the switch to digital.

Read on to see where your TV’s manufacturer landed. Unfortunately, the quality of a manufacturer’s recycling program is not at the top of a consumer’s must-have list when they’re TV shopping, but it should at least be something to check on before a purchase – after all, you’re likely going to replace that new set at some point in the future.

The report card released by the Electronics TakeBack Coalition will help consumers…sort of…with knowing who to purchase from. The only thing that isn’t helpful is that it eliminates nearly every manufacturer.

No one received an A. Sony ranked highest with a B-. Nearly everyone failed because they have no take back program whatsoever, not even one that is kinda lame. Check out the report card.

If anything, this shows that there is a lot more work to do to get manufacturers to take e-waste responsibility to heart. If they make a product, they must take responsibility for it during its entire lifetime, and help consumers be responsible by offering ways to recycle.

With luck, this report card and the activism of the Electronics TakeBack Coalition will help get manufacturers on the ball with accepting responsibility for what they produce.

At this point in the green movement, it is simply good customer service at minimum.

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