Efergy Elite Power Monitor Takes Little Efergy to Use

efergy elite power monitor display image

Photo via Gizoo

We aren't sure what's up with the seemingly misspelled gadget names today, but the Efergy Elite is still a device worth noting if you're looking for a cheap energy monitor. The Efergy Elite might not be the best one on the market, but the price is fair if you're looking for something simple to give you a basic reading of your energy use so you know where to cut back. And, it says it is new and improved with features like a bigger display, dual and standard economy tariff, and comparison readings of the current and previous days' energy consumption.

It's only £44.95, which is a fairly cheap price, and the fact that it's pretty basic will appeal to people who just want to know simple numbers, and don't want a complex dashboard.

Via Coolest Gadgets
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