Edible Christmas Cards Cuts Down on After-Holiday Waste

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Tired of trying to figure out ways to recycle the holiday cards you receive? Try eating them. A design company has come up with a formula for doing just that. A British eco-design company has developed a Christmas card made from potato starch. They figured that in order to reduce the environmental impact of holiday cards, you might as well send cards that can be eaten.

The design was part of an effort to reduce the environmental impact of the festive season, said Steve Lodge, managing director of green graphic design agency Oxygen Creative. "Our card is printed on paper made from potato starch, the ink we use is edible and we have even signed the cards in edible ink with a special pen," he said.

Not a bad idea, though we question what it might taste like. It also only eliminates the paper waste from the card-giving tradition, not the manufacturing and delivery emissions. Well, a little bit is still a little bit, er, bite.

Via News 24
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