EcoSquid Digs Up Best Deals for Reselling Your Cell Phone

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Photo via brokinhrt2 via Flickr Creative Commons

There are lots of companies out there who want to buy your old gadgets from you. Mostly that's a great thing -- the more companies keeping electronics in the consumer stream and out of landfills, the better. But when it comes to being the person trying to resell your old cell phone, the boom in companies can be a headache. Which will offer you the best deal? Which is easiest to use? There is a new company out there that feels your pain and has a solution. EcoSquid is calling itself the " for electronics recycling and trade-in" and it will help you find the right company to hand over your gadget to. Ecosquid looks like a very handy resource. The first few steps are like using any other service like Gazelle or Recellular -- you list your product and explain its condition and details. But you only have to do this once, instead of over and over because EcoSquid does the legwork of finding resell or trade-in offers from the different companies. You then pick the best offer, and click through to that company's website to complete the transaction. Easy peasy.

Right now EcoSquid is still in beta mode and has way more options for recycling types of gadgets than reselling, so there may be some hiccups or growing pains here and there. But the idea is excellent and we love things that make recycling or trading electronics as easy as possible.

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