Ecosol Powerstick: Quick, Portable Recharging Power


It would be great if we could all have solar chargers like these to keep our gadgets running without cumbersome adapters, tangled cords and the dirty power grid, but they won't work for everyone. They take time, a little planning and foresight and sunlight, which are luxuries that we all don't have all the time. How to easily and efficiently keep you cell phone, PDA, iPod and other gadgets charged? Check out the Powerstick. Made by a company called Ecosol (who are also into solar power), it combines a USB "thumb drive" with a rechargeable lithium polymer battery and a set of adapter tips designed to fit a plethora of gadgets. Plug it in to any USB port; 90 minutes later, it's 90% charged and you can resurrect a cell phone, PDA, digital camera or a host of other electronic devices. The handy LCD meter readout shows how much juice is left; on average, the device will add 3 hours of talk time or 6 days of standby time to a cell phone. It's ultra-portable, ultra-reusable (it'll go for at least 500 charges) and an all-around pretty slick little device; the folks at the Consumer Electronics Association were impressed enough to give the Powerstick the Best Innovation 2007 award at this year's CES. Sure, it's conventional power, but your computer is going to be on anyway, right? ::Ecosol via ::Core77