EcoSnoop iPhone App Lets Your Rat Out Polluters

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"EcoSnoop is meant as a tool for a gentle form of awareness," says the creators of this iPhone app. But really, it's a way to vent, and get justice, for all those environmental slip-ups you pass during the day. How many times are you in a public space or an office building and see things that are just not cool - dripping faucets that have been running for three days, a suspicious use of a chemical, a trash bin filled with recyclable items yet there's no option for sorting out recyclables or compostables... - and you want to speak up, report it, or suggest alternatives but you have no idea how. Well, that's what your phone is for...but not to pick up and call someone. No, now there's EcoSnoop. EcoSnoop is a social networking app for greenies who are mad as hell and won't take it anymore. Or at least, who see something that's questionable and want some advice or input about how to remedy it.

When you see an environmental no-no, take out your iPhone and snap a picture. Your phone's GPS will geotag the photo, and you can upload it to the EcoSnoop website along with comments or suggestions. Fellow EcoSnoopers can add in their input.

ecosnoop screen app image

For instance, you see a sprinkler in the city park that is out of whack and spraying vast amounts of water onto the sidewalk instead of the lawn, but you have no idea how to get ahold of someone in city maintenance. Snap a photo, upload it, and ask your fellow cohorts in eco-crime-fighting and someone will likely give you some guidance on how to get in touch with the right city department.

Once the city fixes the sprinkler, the location can be tagged on EcoSnoop as a resolved case and the city earns a green thumbs up.

It also works as a way to track the environmental soundness of businesses. If businesses are reported on EcoSnoop for issues, and the issue never resolves, then those accessing EcoSnoop will know that it's not a very green-minded business and they don't have to patronize it.

EcoSnoop is currently developing monitoring tools that will be made available to city and state governments, campuses, and businesses along with concerned citizens. This way, anyone who gets reported on EcoSnoop knows they're reported and has a higher likelihood of fixing the situation in order to save face. It'll also be integrated with Facebook and Twitter - because, what good vigilante app wouldn't be - and the app is free, or $1.99 for those wanting to make a donation to EcoSnoop.
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