Ecorio Shows New Android Users Their Carbon Footprint

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Most people are already well aware the Google unveiled the Android phone this week, and details are circulating through the internet. It's only a matter of time before Google launches an apps store for the Android — about a month, to be precise. But even before that is fully open, there are cool apps coming down the pipeline.

I went on the prowl to see what we can expect and saw Ecorio, a carbon footprint calculator, will be built into the phone as a featured application. If I weren't interested in the Android before, this was sure to snag my attention, and considering how focused Google is on the environment and our impact upon it, it seems logical that they would include such an interesting and multi-functional little app.
We've seen silly carbon calculators and we've seen handy carbon calculators. Ecorio, however, is on a whole new level of cool.

Ecorio Tracks Your Travels

Ecorio utilizes the GPS system on the phone to track your carbon footprint as you travel. It calculates what kind of impact you make on the move, and gives you what kind of footprint you're making right then, and what kind of footprint you may make annually if your habits stay consistent. Once you see what your footprint looks like, the application then gives you ideas for taking action through reducing heavy impact travel, inspiring you to try greener options, or by purchasing carbon offsets through Google Checkout. You simply click on the field "What if I ." and by selecting an option, you can see by how much you're able to reduce your footprint right then.

Ecorio can even follow your driving habits through GPS and can let you know how efficiently you're driving. Say you aren't driving all that efficiently, and would rather skip it all together. Ecorio can recommend public transportation options vis Google Transit. Or, it can hook you up with Zimride to find you folks to carpool with.

The app is also interactive — you can share tips and tricks with other users. Find out what other Ecorio users have recently done to reduce, and share what actions you've taken.

Ecorio As Part of Any Device

In all honesty, putting aside the fact that Google is growing to a massive size, being hooked up to Google in such an intimate way sure has its perks.

But even if you don't want an Android, Ecorio isn't off limits. The app's developers want to make it work on iPhones, Blackberry, and as many other devices as possible. So hopefully soon, we'll all have access to this super cool app. Ecorio's blog just went live on Monday, so you can check them out and keep up with their progress on getting the app out to everyone.

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