Ecoogler, the Ecological Search Engine, Has Difficulties Earning People's Trust

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Ecoogler, the ecological search engine, has created quite a bit of confusion online about whether it is real and whether Google is behind it or not. With Ecoogler, you can basically google the same as with Google or any other search engine, but in addition your clicks help reforesting the rainforest and safeguarding water resources in the Amazon, which nowadays represents one fourth of our planet’s fresh water reserves. How is this done?Each search you do with Ecoogler counts for 1 leaf of a tree towards reforestation. 10,000 leaves (or searches) make up one tree to be planted in the Amazon. To make this happen, Ecoogler works with the Swiss non-profit association Aquaverde, whose mission since 2002 is to protect the Amazonian rainforest.

Some people believe that Ecoogler is a fake, as you can read on Digg, and others on Care2 are confused because it seems to open the Spanish site first before you can click on the English version.

The site WebLifeClub (in Spanish only) seems to shed some light on who is behind Ecoogler. One thing is clear: Ecoogler has nothing to do with Google. Apparently Ecoogle used Google and Adsense at first but somehow later switched to Yahoo

The confusion probably comes from Ecogoole having been very inspired by Google when choosing its name as well as the graphics. According to WebLifeClub, the owner of the domain is a company registered in Spain, who wants to help fight deforestation and does so by doing donations to Aquaverde. After all Ecoogle has sponsored 500 trees in March and another 500 trees in April this year, according to Aquaverde.

Other interesting facts WebLifeClub shares with us is that although the domain was created in November 2007, traffic has only really picked up in February this year. Spanish-speaking countries mostly use this ecological search engine. The highest numbers of visits come from Spain, then Columbia, Mexico, Costa Rica and Argentina.

But try it out, it is definitely a nice idea. Why didn’t Google think of that? Thanks Marcus W. for the tip! ::Ecoogler
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