Cutting Through the Confusion


It seems like only yesterday we were complaining about the confusion that is resulting from so many standards being set up by everyone and his PR agent's dog to define "sustainability" and "green." Others are trying to get a handle them as well; asks "who's deciding what's green?" and has started collecting, organizing and explaining as many standards as they can find.

They call it "a global catalogue of ecolabels. You can use it to find labels for green products and services around the world and then keep an eye out for the ones you like when you go shopping....We recognize that people need to consume things and you won’t see us looking down on you if you drive a car to work. We might suggest you drive a more fuel efficient car that will cost you and the planet less."

They are "Neutral & Inclusive- There are no judgment calls in this database about what is or is not an ecolabelling scheme. We aim to include every single ecolabel out there, in any language." so they won't tell you which labels are greenwashing and which are substantive and real, but it is a start. Their associated ::Blog is following the the news and is full of interesting opinion.