EcoFan Pro Laptop Cooler Is Neat, But We Have 4 Greener Options

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The latest green computer accessory to make the rounds is the EcoFan Pro, a bamboo wash-rack looking thing that is basically a slotted laptop stand made of bamboo with not one but two fans inside. If you need a laptop stand with two fans to keep your computer cool enough to run, then there might be an issue with your computer, not with your choice of stand. Check out more details about the EcoFan Pro, and a few options we think are greener (and cheaper, and easier). The EcoFan Pro is a beautiful design, and is adjustable. It's made out of organic bamboo, which is a big plus.

ecofan bamaboo laptop stand image

But...two fans? With a power consumption of 5 V and USB connection, you plug it into your laptop's USB port to get the necessary power to run the fans... making your laptop work harder and heat up more. A bit self-defeating.

It might seem eco-friendly for a second, but with a price tag of $40, it seems like a waste of funds. Instead, we suggest a few alternatives.

For instance, how about a stack of books? Or a couple wine bottle corks shoved under the back of your laptop? Or maybe a few bottle caps and a pillow?

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Or how about cutting up a cardboard box into a lovely recycled stand? The list of alternatives could keep going and going.

Using a stand to keep a laptop cool is a good idea and healthier for your computer. But if your computer is running so hot that you need a stand plus two fans to cool it, you're better off figuring out why your laptop is running so hot in the first place and fixing that, rather than blowing $40 on a band-aid solution, even if that solution is a very tempting organic bamboo design.

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