Eco-friendly Urinals at Expo Zaragoza Use No Water, No Chemicals, No Energy

Expo Zaragoza 2008 image

We wrote about the Digital Water Pavilion and commented on how sustainable the Expo Zaragoza is in itself. However, we find the urinals of this Water Festival in Spain are worth an extra post as it illustrates perfectly how one small decision can make a big difference.

46 eco-friendly urinals have been installed at the Expo, which all together save around 48.000 cubic meters of water during the weeks of the show. According to El Confidencial, that is the equivalent of 19 Olympic swimming pools. Jump to see image.

Urimat at Expo Zaragoza 2008 photo

The waterless urinal by the Swiss company Urimat functions without chemicals or energy. The trick behind it is a siphon with hydrostatic float assembly. This odour-locking element receives the urine and channels it (without water!) into the canalisation. More details about how Urimat works here.

Since Expo Zaragoza is all about water, let’s see what the results of the 46 waterless urinals are. As explained by El Confidencial, a minimum of 175 grams of CO2 is produced for each cubic meter of water used. Based on this assumption, the Expo saves 8,4 tonnes of CO2 from being emitted by installing those urinals, not to mention the water and chemicals. Moreover the bowls are made from recycled polycarbonate and are 100% recyclable, lightweight (5.2 kilos) and practically unbreakable. Because the installation is very easy, the urinals can simply be reused at another event when the Expo finishes.

For those of us girls who find waterless urinals great but can’t really use them, there are some great public toilet accessories for women on the market. Via ::El Confidencial (link in Spanish) ::Expo Zaragoza 08 ::Urimat

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