This eco-friendly sanitizer is safe, sustainable, and effective

ZONOsanitech ozone sanitizer
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Instead of using bleach or other harsh disinfectants to sanitize sports gear, toys, office and health care equipment, or other items that are handled by multiple people everyday, a new sanitizing unit that uses ozone to kill bacteria and viruses can be used instead, saving time and reducing the amount of exposure to harsh chemicals.

After one of his son's teammates got an antibiotic-resistant staph infection from his sports gear, Walter Mann realized that there was no decent option available to him for sanitizing the athletic equipment of his own children, so he developed the ZONOsanitech unit as a solution.

Wiping everything down with antibacterial soap or other sanitizing product not only takes quite a bit of time, but it can also leave a residue on the surface of the items, requiring a rinse, and it may not truly penetrate and disinfect the cracks and crevices of items. And there are plenty of things that aren't easily disinfected, such as books or writing materials, or stuffed animals, or that would be ruined by a liquid sanitizing cycle.

Mann's ZONOsanitech units use ozone to naturally kill 99.9% of the bacteria and viruses (as well as other undesirables, such as lice) on and in items, using just half an ounce of water and three cents of electricity per cycle. The items to be disinfected are placed inside the unit (about the size of a small refrigerator), and in just 30 minutes, ozone has sanitized the surface of the items and penetrated through fabric or padding to fully disinfect them. The sanitizing process is fully automated, and once the cycle is finished, no waiting is necessary before the items can be used.

The technology isn't new, as it is used in the medical device manufacturing and food processing industries, but the ZONOsanitech brings it to the end user or consumer level. The ozone, which is recognized as an efficient sanitizing agent by many health organizations worldwide, does not damage, discolor, or decrease the lifespan of the items, and is safe to use for paper, wood, metal, glass, and most plastic items.

This clean, green, sanitizing machine could be an effective aid to stopping the spread of bacteria and viruses in institutional settings, such as assisted living or nursing centers for seniors, daycare centers, hotels or restaurants, sports facilities, schools, work situations with shared gear, gadgets, or uniforms, or even your own home.

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This eco-friendly sanitizer is safe, sustainable, and effective
Here's a non-toxic and cost-effective solution for kiling bacteria and viruses everywhere, from locker rooms to boardrooms, and from daycares to nursing homes.

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