Eco-Friendly Exit Signs Don't Require Electricity to Glow

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Image via Jessup Manufacturing

A bit of oddball news — exit signs are saying goodbye to excess energy consumption. A company called Jessup Manufacturing has come up with an eco alternative to plug-in exit signs. Instead of electricity, they use ambient light to charge up - but are even better than solar powered signs. Much the same as signage produced by ecoglo, The Eco Exit PM 100 is a non-radioactive photoluminescent safety sign that absorbs and stores ambient light, and in dark situations, the sign is immediately visible up to 100 feet. It lasts a whopping 25 years with virtually zero maintenance, making it even more low-energy. Plus, it gets builders points towards LEED certification.

A cost analysis by the company (so take it relatively lightly) shows that a building that replaces 100 incandescent exit signs with 100 Eco Exit signs can save about $3,450 annually in costs. There is even a savings of about $712 annually over LED signs.

But it isn't without drawbacks. Rather than encouraging recycling, the company claims it has "easy landfill disposal." Not so cool. While replacing those bulky energy sucking electric-powered exit signs is a huge plus, it'd be even better if it featured "easy recyclability." At least make them able to be turned into coasters or something.

Via Jessup Manufacturing
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