Eco-Cube Keeps Cash + H20 From Being Flushed Away!


When the average school urinal in the UK flushes 151,000 litres of fresh water a year, there’s got to be something that can be done to reduce the flow of clean fresh water being reduced to wastewater and headed to the local sewage treatment plant. Well, thanks to the sharp eyes of Linton over at Hugg, it’s become obvious that the water can be literally turned off when schools switch to the use of the eco-cube. It’s a product that works immediately and with absolutely no urinal modifications required whatsoever, other than to turn off the supply of water running to them. It works by using naturally occurring microbes to break down lime scale, uric scale and ammonic salts naturally ensuring there are no bad odors or scale build up that could cause future blockages or smells. And with rising rates for both water and sewage in the UK, establishments are figuring out fast that they can also save a lot of green from being flushed down the toilet.