eBay's New Green Team Steers Shoppers Towards Eco Purchases

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eBay has noticed three things: Our current consumption patterns aren't sustainable, the economy is requiring us to rethink how we shop, and we want help shopping with green as a priority. As a response, the company is launching a Green Team to encourage buyers and sellers to make more sustainable purchasing decisions. "eBay buyers and sellers trade $2,000 worth of goods every second, a majority of which are used, refurbished or vintage. The eBay Green Team effort, which was inspired by our own community and employees' accomplishments, will continue to encourage these behaviors and promote new ways of thinking about shopping green," says eBay Inc. President and CEO John Donahoe.

The Green Team website has a very appealing layout to encourage users to click through and learn things like top questions to ask themselves when making a purchase, greener shipping methods for sellers, scroll-over facts and news blips about the impacts of transportation, shipping, and sustainable products, and suggestions for which items are greener than others when looking for a particular thing.

The user-friendly style is great, but it's the people behind the effort that will make any difference in the decisions of buyers and sellers. The team is working with Hearst Magazines to launch a "30 Days of Green" campaign in April in order to reach millions of consumers, and they've also created a Facebook campaign. The Green Team also links buyers up with other eBay efforts like WorldofGood and MicroPlace.

Already a big point of eBay is buying something used for a great deal, so to have a push to get people to buy used, or if new, buy sustainable, is a great thing. However, it takes an enormous effort to change people's buying and selling habits — more than just a website that reviews green basics or a month-long run in popular magazines. We hope that the Green Team is diligent and creates a big presence on the millions of eBay users.

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