EasySign iPhone App Spares Trees and Time With Digital Signatures (Video)

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For most official documents, getting a signature from someone still means using paper. Even if you want a signature emailed, it means printing, signing, scanning, and then emailing. Why this is still the case when we have 3D TVs, video conferencing, and other technologies that are way more complex is beyond me. I mean, we've been using digital signatures at retail stores for how long now? That's why it's a relief to finally see an app that fixes the problem. EasySign for iPhone (with an Android version on the way, I'm sure) allows for signatures to be placed on just about any document right from your iPhone.
The EasySign app is pretty basic. Just download the document to your phone, write in your signature with your finger, add a date stamp, and you're done. It is converted to a PDF and you can send it off to whoever needs it.

The app includes a free trial, then $4.99 for 20 docs. Soon there will be a $9.99 unlimited version as well.

Engadget writes, "For anyone in the business world who has been blocked from receiving information due to the inability to locate a printer, ink pen, scanner, publicly available PC, a working printer driver and a fifth of Jack, say hello to your savior."

Not only is it a savior for the user, but also for resources -- at least to a small extent. On the one hand, the signer doesn't have to print a copy of the form, using up ink, paper and electricity to both print, scan and send the document. But on the other hand, the recipient is likely going to print out a copy of the signed form for their records.

I also noticed this technology in an app for photographers, which allows you to get signatures for model releases right on your phone so that you don't have to carry around stacks of forms with you while you're out shooting.

The amount of saved resources is probably going to be marginal until enough people pick up on this technology, but eventually it could really add up. If anything, it saves ink, paper, time and frustration on your end, and that's what matters.

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