EarthTweet Turns Twitterers into Earth Day Advocates

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Alright Twitterers, it's time to add a new hashtag to your tweets and show off how you're making a difference for Earth Day. And you might even win something cool for being, well, cool. EarthTweet is a new tweet-a-thon being held by BrighterPlanet that encourages Twitter users to do good things for Mother Nature in honor of Earth Day, then tweet about it with #earthtweet. EarthTweet's goal is to get 2,000 tweets posted that advocate environmentalism.

Every day, the folks taking part have a chance to win prizes - the neater the action you're taking, the more likely you'll be rewarded for it. And if you'd like to donate prizes, you're welcome to do that too.

You can bet we Twittering TreeHuggers will be taking part, so join us! You can think of your own cool to-dos for Earth Day, or find a great volunteer opportunity over at Planet Green. And be sure to tell your tweeps!

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