EarthObserver App Puts Earthquakes, Icebergs and More At Your Fingertips

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Ocean currents, tectonic plates, and forest cover are just a few of the earth's features viewable with this app; Images via Earth Observer

Want to know what earth and environmental scientists know, and view the maps they create and use every day? The new EarthObserver App, for the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, features all sorts of fascinating maps on the planet's natural elements, from tectonic plates to the flow of oceanic and atmospheric currents, to earthquake zones and snow covers. And, all that information is free. We're regular map enthusiasts around here, so we love apps like EarthObserver. It was created at Columbia University's Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory using dozens of databases from institutions worldwide, which are constantly updated which means you're always seeing the latest information the world's knowledge bases have to offer. You can zoom in to view deep-sea trenches, or zoom out to view how the layers of earth's crusts overlap.

"This exposes the public to far richer data than has ever been available, in a form that has enormous potential beyond the flat screen of a computer," William Ryan, a marine geologist at Lamont who directed the project, said in a press release.

Users can view plankton productivity at river mouths; see Arctic ice cover during different months of the year, or temperatures past and present across the world; plot human populations and indexes of their well-being; or access maps of cloud cover, permafrost or rock types.

How incredibly cool is that -- To have all of this information right there in your hand to explore!

Grab the app now while it's still free -- it may later be offered for a small fee.

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