Earthkeepers Facebook Game Challenges Players to Get Eco-Savvy


Image via EarthKeepers game

Timberland and Changents have launched a game on Facebook called Earthkeepers Hero "Mission Possible," which boosts players' green IQ and challenges them to get green offline, too.I'm a little on the fence about promoting a Facebook game, considering it is encouraging spending time on a site that is known to have a pretty phenomenal energy bill, let alone that it ups your own energy bill. However, it has a green point, so it's better than sitting on Facebook throwing sheep and poking people. Indeed, it's time and energy well spent on the social networking sight if you're focusing on green issues.

The game has users complete missions, which is basically just answering a green question, in order to advance to different levels. According to Timberland, "using Facebook as a gateway to Timberland's Earthkeeping movement, players will discover and interact with real-world Earthkeeper Heroes who provide game clues that help players get to 'mission accomplished.'"

If you're into spending some time on Facebook, you can try testing out your green knowledge with this Earthkeepers game. And if you're in to green IQ quizes, well, there are plenty over at Planet Green, too.

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