Earth Hour Plea: We Don't Need Fake Telescopes, We Need Dark Skies

humble telescope photo

I was never a very good amateur astronomer, usually too tired to stay out all night looking through my Meade LX200, trying to rack up Messier numbers that you can now program a telescope to show you in an evening. But I have never forgotten the stunning amazement of realizing that the photon that has hit your retina actually travelled from a star light years away. Looking through a telescope changes the way you look at the world around you.

So I don't much like the Humble Telescope.

It is, according to MocoLoco,

a 3D simulation of our entire known universe. Pointing the telescope in any direction immediately shows us what exists in that area of space, so now we can get a greater understanding of where the planets are and where we live in the Milky Way.

It is produced by Australian designers at Electronic Miracles who "create interactive experiences; here, there and everywhere." They call it

an interactive civic sculpture that brings the wonders of space down to earth and into our cities, to encourage us learn more about the universe and perhaps appreciate our own world a little more.

I say no, bring back real dark skies where we don't need simulated telescopes, turn out the lights so that we can see the real thing. A thought for tomorrow's earth hour.

via Mocoloco

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