e-Reader Chart Compares iPad, Kindle, Nook and More, Makes Shopping A Little Easier

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With all the e-readers hitting the market, it's getting more difficult to know which is the best product to buy. You want something that will be pleasant to use, or is it more important that you're able to fit all your favorites on it so you can downsize your massive hard-copy library? Or is battery life the deal-sealer since you travel a lot? PaidContent has created a new comparison chart that will make sizing up your possibilities for the next big thing in going digital. And yes, it includes the iPad.While some of us are reluctant to let go of our paper books, others are diving in to e-readers, embracing the notion that a thousand or more books can fit on one small electronic device. Indeed, electronics manufacturers are embracing that as well.

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A piece of the chart - click through to see the whole thing.
Gizmag points us to PaidContent's new chart, which looks at a wide range of categories, from hardware specs like the battery life and expandable storage options, to software specs like the operating system and browser, and of course what content is available for that reader.

The six top readers are analyzed, including the iPad, the Kindle 2 and Kindle DX, the Nook, the Sony Reader, and Plastic Logic's Que ProReader.

This is a comprehensive list for the categories to be compared, but not readers. There are a LOT more out on the market than this. But these are the top sellers, and likely the ones you've heard about. But CES 2010 showed us that the e-Reader market is anything but slow growing. It'll be just a short time before this list will need to be expanded.

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