E-Ink Tablet Can Link to Other Devices, Be The School Book of the Future (Video)

e-ink tablet image

Image via YouTube Screengrab

Classrooms have shown interest in using tablet devices in place of school books. The Kindle and the iPad have already been part of pilot programs. For young school kids it makes sense that a tablet would be both light on energy consumption as well as able to interact with other tablet devices. There is just such a device in the works from with help from Microsoft Research.The e-reader device was displayed at the CHI 2011 conference and can act as if it has multiple screens instead of just one by linking wirelessly with other units. It seems like a fitting solution for school kids who could use their individual tablet devices to work together on group projects. Here's a video showing how the prototype works:

Techspot points out, "The device was developed in part by Microsoft Research, but you shouldn't get your hopes up. Remember, it's definitely not the first time that the software giant has shown an inclination to develop a tablet that resembles a book."

If tablet devices are the future of our classroom text books, as Kindle and iPad would love to see, then this seems like a clever option for students. We especially like that it takes advantage of the low power consumption of devices with e-ink displays.

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