Dyson launches LED bulb that lasts 37 years

dyson led light
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It's a great time for sustainable lighting. Pretty much every lighting company has released their versions of the bulbs from inexpensive versions for every home to more expensive smart lighting that can be controlled with your smart phone and you can find them anywhere from home improvement stores to IKEA, which means it's about time that Dyson, the company always looking to improve on existing technology, stepped in to reveal its own take on the bulbs.

The company revealed a task light that uses their proprietary LED bulbs that it claims last 37 years thanks to better cooling technology that adds years to the bulbs' lives.

"Other designers have made half-hearted attempts to cool LEDs. But it’s not enough," says Jake Dyson on the Dyson website. "Their lights are built to fail and they don't seem to mind. We mind. So we've invented the first light that cools LEDs properly. As a result, it lasts for 37 years.”

Cooling LED bulbs effectively has always been one of the major hurdles for manufacturers. The bulbs don't run as hot as incandescents, but they still get warm and that heat over time degrades the bulbs and shortens their life span. Most manufacturers solve this with heat sinks in the base of the bulbs that allow more air to circulate and let the heat escape, but Dyson has come up with something different.

dyson led lightDyson/Screen capture

Instead of a round heat sink encased in each bulb, the bulbs in the task light are connected to a horizontal heat-pipe technology inspired by what is used in satellites. The heat sink is made of aluminum and draws heat away from the bulbs, which the company claims keeps them at a steady 131º F and preserves the LED's phosphorus coating, keeping them burning for much longer. With 12 hours of continual use per day, Dyson says they should last 37 years.

Called the CSYS, the task light has an interesting design that allows for moving the light 360 degrees with both horizontal and vertical sliding arms. It features eight bulbs that provide 587 lumens per square meter of light and it has touch-sensitive dimming. All of this comes at a steep price though, as with many of Dyson's products. The CSYS is for sale for £399.00 (US$610). Hopefully, this type of technology will show up in cheaper incarnations soon.

Dyson launches LED bulb that lasts 37 years
The company that is always looking to design things better has turned its attention to LEDs.

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