Drool-Worthy Wooden Mouse Has Debatable Eco-Credentials

AlestRukov mouse photo

Photos via AlestRukov

This absolutely gorgeous AlestRukov wooden mouse is usually the type of gadget we love to see, but unfortunately we're on the fence about just how eco-friendly it is. All the wood components are from a single piece of wood, it has a 5-year warranty which is impressive, and the electronic components are as minimized as possible to keep the level of e-waste down. But there's a problem... ...They're made from tropical hardwoods. The designer states that the wood is from trees grown on special plantations specifically for industrial use so there's no environmental harm done, but with so many problems behind logging rainforests and illegal logging being done, going for mahogony is an iffy choice. There are far more sustainable options out there, and you don't risk buying eco-wood that is anything but.

AlestRukov inside photo

Still, this mouse is a really amazing design, and as long as the mahogony wood choices really are sustainable (and that's a big if), we will say, "Well done." It is made with longevity and minimalism in mind.

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