Marine Drone Concept Cleans Up Plastics In The Ocean

The problem of plastics in the ocean is a concern of scientists and designers alike. We've seen several ideas come across the wires for cleaning up the plastic bits floating in the ocean. While researchers remind us that the problem is beyond fixability -- there is no amount of money and resources enough to be able to clean up the "plastic soup" of the trash gyres -- it doesn't stop designers from thinking up new ideas, such as this "Marine Drone"

The designers behind this project are Elie Ahovi, Adrien Lefebvre, Philomene Lambaere, Marion Wipliez, Quentin Sorel and Benjamin Lemoal.

Yanko Design writes:
"The drone is basically an oversized pool net with a sensor fitted machine. It nets drifting plastic trash in a very innovative way. Several drones scout the seas for waste and use a special sensor to keep away fish and other aquatic animals. It is equipped with an infrasound system and the high-powered batteries allow them to stay in the water for more than 2 weeks."

It's an interesting idea -- though how exactly a "special sensor" will keep away aquatic animals, we aren't sure. It sounds a little too magical, but then again it is a concept. What do you think -- is this something you'd want to see tested out?

Marine Drone Concept Cleans Up Plastics In The Ocean
A team of designers have come up with an autonomous robot concept that will net plastic pollution in the oceans.

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