Dress Embedded with LEDs Monitors CO2, Flashes Data in Patterns

led pollution dress photo

Photos via Diffus

From a collaboration between diffus.dk, Alexandra Institute, The Danish Design School and embroidery company Forster Rohner comes this gorgeous piece of environmental fashion - a dress that detects pollutants in the air and reports the air quality via flashing LED lights. With this dress, looking sparkly might not mean all is well in the world. Fashioning Technology writes that this impressive dress monitors the CO2 levels in a given environment and displays the real time data through flickering light patterns.

led pollution dress photo

The LEDs and Lilypad Arduino are carefully stitched into the lavish embroidery of the dress with conductive thread, so one can hardly tell there are electronics embedded throughout the piece.

ecouterre notes that according to Michel Guglielmi and Hanne Louise Johannesen of Diffus, "Different light patterns are staged as dramatic 'micro events' embedded into clothes," they add. "They diligently and without concession tell us disturbing stories wrapped into a comfortable and reassuring cocoon de luxe."

In this dress, you might be the light of the ball, but that may very well mean the ball isn't a healthy place to be.

More images of the gown can be found on Diffus' Flickr stream
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