Dreaming New Mexico: The Road Map for One State's Energy Problems

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On of the primary pieces of advice dolled out to us when it comes to goal setting is to visualize the end result. We have to know what we're working towards if we are to design and implement a strong path. The same goes for a sustainable future.

What would it look like if we did everything right?

This is the question posed by a group of forward-thinking individuals about the state of New Mexico. Headed up by Kenny Ausubel and Peter Warshall, the

">Dreaming New Mexico project visualized exactly what the state would be like in the year 2020 if everything were done right.

Their vision lets loose some amazing and transformational guesses for an ideal future. In the New Mexico of 2020 includes a move away from fossil fuels, a perfected use of renewable power sources, zero-emissions buldings, fewer miles traveled, less imported power and fewer power lines, micorgrids that produce their own electricity for hundreds of communities, a reconfiguration of human organizations that aligns with better pricing and energy supply, green collar jobs, and supportive local governments.

Sounds pie in the sky at first glance, considering 2020 is barely over 11 years away. And yet, any imagined future means imagined ways of getting there. San Jose has set some very ambitious goals with their Green Vision to be reached by 2022, and they're well on their way to attaining them. So, vision means pathways. Dreaming New Mexico has come up with a range of solutions that solve the existing problems and get the state to this environmentally utopian future.

We offer renewable energy solutions such as:

* Solar
* Wind
* Biofuels
* Geothermal

We tackle tough issues that keep New Mexico from adopting sustainable practices by offering practical solutions based on the collective wisdom of dozens of people and organizations.

* Transportation
* Governance
* Efficiency
* Environmental Justice
* Energy Distribution

The research is thorough, the actions do-able, and the future beautiful. Some places can be dense about necessary changes, and other states like Washington very much on target with keeping pace. With this kind of disparity between taking initiative, it would be wonderful to see dreams like this for every state, and even more wonderful to see them put into action.

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