Dr. M. A. Sanjayan Hosts Discovery Channel's Powering the Future Series About Moving Beyond Oil


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Conservation is the main subject of focus for Dr. M. A. Sanjayan, who has co-hosted documentaries for the Discovery Channel and BBC and has published a dense body of work in conservation genetics, conservation planning, wildlife corridors, wildlife sampling, conservation policy, and conservation measures. Now, as the lead scientist of The Nature Conservancy, one of the largest conservation organizations in the world, Dr. Sanjayan provides his expertise as the host of the four-hour special feature, Powering the Future, which will air on the Discovery Channel (which is owned by the same parent company as TreeHugger), July 17—18. Dr. Sanjayan was born in Sri Lanka and grew up in Africa, where he discovered a passion for wildlife. He has gone on some amazing adventures where he has darted lions, tracked wolves, and kayaked with killer whales. While on his journeys he has constantly pushed the field of science and conservation.

Powering the Future, is a program that closely examines the serious challenges posed by our current energy practices. With rising concerns about our current energy practices as seen in the recent events of the Gulf of Mexico, this program hopes to identify how we can create a clean, limitless, secure energy supply - and how it can be delivered to our homes, businesses and schools.

Energy is a driving force behind almost everything on the planet and it's clear we need to find a better, cleaner and sustainable source of energy and fast. Tune in as Dr. Sanjayan explores and answers some of the most pressing questions about energy. The show starts Saturday, July 17 from 8-10 PM and Sunday, July 18 from 8-10 PM (ET/PT) on Discovery Channel.

If you miss it, look for the encore presentations on Planet Green Sunday, July 25 from 9-11 PM and Monday, July 26 from 9-11 PM ET or on Science Channel Monday, July 19 from 9-11 PM and Tuesday, July 20 from 9-11 PM ET.

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