Downloading Designs: Vivacizzare Your Desk with Piopio


Good Italian design is so expensive and transport costs so much, but with downloadable designs, it does not matter where it comes from. In time for Easter or Passover, Scarabokkio offers this cute little box, which google translates as:

"In order to augur Good Passover to you, Scarabokkio® introduces PiOPiO!
You can fill up it of ovetti to the chocolate, and give a pensierino Paschal to your friends. But PiOPiO can simply vivacizzare your writing desk. It begins with PiOPiO the new series of DIY (print + cut + pastes + fold) dedicated to the paper toys."

I mean, who doesn't want to vivacizzare their writing desk?

As we have said before here and here, soon our homes will become our factories as more clever designs are dematerialized and Sears beats the kinks out of the Compucarve Home CNC machine. We have seen it in furniture and its coming soon in houses. Download your ::PioPio from Scarabokkio via ::notcot

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