Dockable Dwelling by Matias Creimer

dock dwelling.jpg
Though this Matias Creimer Studio project isn’t spankin’ new, it has enjoyed a fairly recent revival in the press and it’s damn cool looking, so we’re bringing it back, too. Using kits of parts, sets of cards, puzzles, machines, and mechanical processes as inspiration and for generating forms, Creimer created the Dockable Dwelling, an efficient, affordable housing prototype with pop style. A factory-assembled modular system, the dwelling couples the house’s components like the cars of a train (the cars of the future, fyi)... Eschewing low-tech building materials like bricks, stones, and mortar that have escaped the latest technological revolutions, Creimer looks toward assembly-line robotics and qualified labor that could potentially construct the house’s pieces, lowering the cost of materials and construction. His idea is to keep the parts small enough so that the current infrastructure allows them to be easily shipped.

Based on the ideas behind NASA's approach to modular docking systems in space, where minimizing walking time is critical, Dockable Dwelling proposes a collection of modules that could be fully built in-factory, with almost no on-site assembly—or waiting for the weather clear—required. And for an energy source? Creimer suggests solar energy collecting systems, requiring a single photovoltaic insulating membrane. Thanks for the tip, Remy C. ::Matias Creimer Studio [by MO]