DIY your own glowing plant with this maker kit!

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A few weeks ago, we featured a Kickstarter project that aimed to demonstrate how easy it would be to engineer plants to glow in the dark. Hundreds of you shared and tweeted the post, proving that no matter how old we get, the idea of replacing streetlights with trees or other plants that emit their own light is a captivating idea.

The Glowing Plant project has since crushed it's initial Kickstarter goal of $65,000, gathering over $400,000 to date. In gratitude for the overwhelming support, the project creators decided to offer a new reward to backers; a DIY Maker Kit which includes all the ingredients needed to transform your favorite house plant into a bio-luminescent work of art.

Members of the Glowing Plant project showed off the new DIY Kit at Bay Area’s Maker Faire last weekend with other like-minded makers and DIYers. The Maker Kit can be found on Glowing Plant’s Kickstarter page, and includes a copy of the Glowing Plant book, a full set of instructions and all the ingredients needed to transform a plant at home.

And that’s not all project co-founder Antony Evans has planned for his campaign. He’s just introduced a new reward, rootcupPLANTER, which a perfect vessel for growing the glowing plant seeds. There are still 10 days in which to support the campaign, and get your hands on your very own glowing plant, or other great rewards.

To learn more about Glowing Plant, visit or find them on Facebook and Twitter @GlowingPlant.

DIY your own glowing plant with this maker kit!
Yes, that's right -- a glowing plant.

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