DIY Solar Powered T-Shirt Motivates You to Work Out

jogger in hills photo

Photo by donjd2 via Flickr Creative Commons

Solar powered clothing is nothing new, but solar powered clothing that makes you get off your rear and work out? That is new. The Motivational Moody Workout T-Shirt created by Lingon at Instructables was built with the intention to motivate the wearer to do more than stand around.
The t-shirt is created with a LilyPad arduino -- the same technology we saw in the bike turn signal jacket a couple years ago -- and a solar panel.

Using blue LEDs sewn into happy face patterns on the LilyPad board, and a ball tilt sensor, the shirt determines if you're moving around in the day time and smiling (or frowing) at you depending on your activity level.

e-tech lilypad arduino photo

LilyPad arduino being sewn onto a shirt at E-Tech, photo via Jaymi Heimbuch

It's a motivator to get out in the sunshine (since it only works when it's soaking up solar energy) and get moving!

Check out the step-by-step how-to on Instructables.

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