DIY Solar Oven Death Match

Solar ovens from

We're in the judging lap of the Go Green contest that we tag-teamed with Popular Science and Instructables, and perusing all your great, green hacks has been inspiring, educational, and humbling. (Why didn't we think of that?). And color us unsurprised when we received two different build-your-own solar cookers, both based on the simple physics of a parabolic curve.

While both cookers focused on roasting a hot dog, the materials each participant utilized were different. One used tinfoil, poster board, and foam board, while his rival used plywood and silvered mylar.

Now barring bringing both of them in for a mano-a-mano hot-dog cook-off, which did you think was more successful? And which more green? Both examples offer step-by-step instructions on how to make your own. ::Oven 1 and ::Oven 2