DIY Skylights From Used Water Bottles Replace 50-Watt Bulbs

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An ingenious invention by an engineer in Brazil has made an enormous difference in his town. Simply placing a bottle of water in a hole in the ceiling can light up a room with the same brightness as a 50-watt light bulb! Residents have better lighting and are using less electricity. Check out how it works in the video.

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I think the part that made it most convincing was the bucket comparison -- when they took the buckets off the bottles to show what a difference they make in lighting the room, my jaw dropped open.

While it's obvious that these only work for certain types of structures, and only provide extra light when the sun is out, it shows that you don't have to construct a complex skylight in your roof to get some daylight into your home. It's clear from the women in the video that they're pretty darn happy with how the concept has improved their homes.

And to hear that the bottles are lasting years without needing any maintenance at all is exciting. Apparently there's just enough bleach to keep any algae from growing inside, but not enough to deteriorate the plastic, or at least not very quickly.

What a great bottle-reuse-zero-electricity idea!

UPDATE: The project is being called Liter of Light. Learn more about Liter of Light here.

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