DIY Projects Galore! MAKE Sends Out 2009 Opensource Hardware Guide

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Opensource! We love this golden green idea because it encompasses the idea-sharing that is vital to DIY communities, which in turn are vital for sustainable living. And MAKE has put out one awesome opensource guide. Jam-packed with projects for the do-it-yourself community, it is "the definitive guide to open source hardware projects in 2009." And, even the guide is somewhat opensource - MAKE is asking for your help in completing it. As Boing Boing puts it, "It includes over 125 projects in 19 categories. Wa-hey -- electric open source menorah!"

MAKE describes its guide, "These are projects in which the creators have decided to completely publish all the source, schematics, firmware, software, bill of materials, parts list, drawings and "board" files to recreate the hardware - they also allow any use, including commercial. Similar to open source software like Linux, but this hardware centric."

And MAKE wants your help in filling out the guide. "This year, I am asking for your help - the Open source hardware page on Wikipedia is missing more projects that it actually has total at the moment. If any readers out there want to help out, review all the projects we've listed and please add them to the Wikipedia page so it's a more complete resource."

A crowd-sourced opensource guide. Could it get any better??

The guide includes 3D printing, Arduino projects, clocks and watches, development tools, robotics, transportation and so many more yummy projects for DIYers. Exit the consumer lifestyle and enter the more sustainable - and more fun - hacker/modifier lifestyle and find your next green project from this opensource guide.

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