"DIY" Eco Speakers and 5 Greenwash-free Alternatives

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Image via Urban Outfitters

These "eco" speakers, packaged in a fairly large box of the now standard unbleached cardboard with a big green recycling symbol, are possibly a greener alternative for those looking for a set of cheap-y speakers for their iPod. But it's tough to get past the smack of something gone amiss with their eco-edge. Stop in at an Urban Outfitters and lay down $18, and you'll get this set of speakers. They shout that they're eco, and giving the makers credit, they are indeed comprised of 70% recycled materials (the cardboard only, you can bet; not the speakers which are as, if not more important to be made from recycled materials).

However, the packaging is too big, they come with colored pencils so you can "design your own," but they're wrapped in plastic, and they're still ultimately cheap speakers of so-so quality.

We have 5 better ideas for eco-friendly speakers that are more unique, and don't wash themselves in green:

1. Use your old earbuds and turn them into speakers using cups, scratch paper, or Altoid tins.

2. Better yet, use the packaging your iPod came in to craft some speakers.

3. Go with speakers that are wrapped in green - self-powering green! - like these solar powered speakers.

4. For a really edgy, natural look, try out mini speakers housed in gourds!

5. Or if you really dig these cardboard speakers, go with a flat-pack version so that the packaging is minimized.

If you see a product that has to scream green in order to get your attention, chances are there's a far more green alternative out there to try out first.

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