Dell's New RideShare Program Puts Employees on the Map

You know, I think Dell is trying to make me fall in love with them. Apparently it isn't enough that I own and use one of their Inspiron laptops every day. It seems they want my green heart as well.

Just yesterday we talked about how Dell is working to condense their laptop packaging. Well, they're also wanting to condense their employees - or, their commutes, that is.

They've started up a very cool ride share program just for their employees. The video runs through an "example" of the program at work. Read on for more. Dell has created a mash-up of Google maps, and employees submit their home locations. The info is turned into an app that employees can use to better figure out which coworkers to commute with and the most efficient routes.

From Dell's blog:

We worked with Rides Near Me to create the program. Recently a couple of my Dell colleagues (Bruce Eric Anderson, lead blogger on Digital Nomads and Dell’s Enterprise Evangelist, and Vida Killian, Dell’s queen of IdeaStorm and Employee Storm (Dell’s internal idea site) took the opportunity to register on the site and ride in together. They already knew they lived near each other but both signed up and find others to eventually join them. We'll see how it goes.

This is so rockin. Considering gas is at a major low, it is encouraging to see Dell keeping something like this on a front burner instead of worrying about it when prices are bad and employees are grumpy.

Good job, Dell, for hopefully showing other companies how easy it can be to implement rideshare programs. We hope to learn more about how the app is utilized as it gains popularity.

Via Direct2Dell blog
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