Dell Running 9 Facilities on 100% Renewable Energy


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Dell has announced that 26% of its global electricity needs is met by renewable energy, and nine of its facilities run on 100% renewable energy. This puts Dell on a great path towards sustainability, though it still has 74% to go. The facilities that Dell has running on renewables are located in Bracknell and Glasgow, U.K.; Frankfurt and Halle, Germany; Oslo, Norway; Stockholm, Sweden; Round Rock, Texas; Twin Falls, Idaho and Oklahoma City, Okla.

It's great to see big pieces of a company becoming more sustainable, especially entire facilities going 100% renewable.

According to Dell:

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently ranked Dell among the top five in renewable energy purchasing in its latest EPA Fortune 500 Green Power Challenge. The company's green power use has expanded quickly since April 2008, when it announced a partnership with TXU and Waste Management to power its global headquarters campus with 100 percent green power.

We hope that the company will pick up the pace to go for 100% renewables on 100% of its facilities as soon as possible. The company was running 20% of it's facilities on renewables in 2008, so a 6% increase in the first half of 2009 is, while definitely deserving of applause, still small a small step forward.

Dane Parker, director of environment, health and safety at Dell: "We're integrating green power into operations wherever and whenever possible. It's critical that our industry help lead the way to a green economy. Aggressive energy efficiency and renewable-power targets are essential to making this happen."

We love to hear that! The greenest power is power not used, and the second greenest is accessing clean renewables. So it sounds like Dell has its priorities straight.

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