Delicious Library - a Product Service System (PSS)

"Why would people buy when they could borrow?" * So asked massive online retailer,, when Delicious Monster asked if they would partner on a software program, with their recommendation engine. The application, called Delicious Library, allows you to catalogue your home collections of videos, DVDs, books, music and games. You can scan the barcode and download a bunch of info off the web (bit like how iTunes finds song titles for your ripped CDs). Anyhow, it has a checkout facility, so you can loan stuff to your friends and family, and be automatically linked to a digital calendar and emailer. As well as facilitating personal lending libraries, the software is being developed so you can share your library list with others - like a music playlist. So, you'll soon be able see that Amy has a copy of ...... the original Alien movie, while she might observe that you have a dog eared copy of Cradle to Cradle, which she's been meaning to read. Voila! Folk get what they need without having to increase demand for materials extraction to make new product. One of the worthy goals of a Product Service System. Via Wired. $40 USD from ::Delicious Monster [by WM]

* Delicious designer Mike Matas was able to convince Amazon "that people buy movies expressly to lend them out. They watch a movie two or three times, but want to own it so they can lend it to family or friends."

PS. Only works on a Macintosh, running OS X.