Degradable Plastics- the dissolving grocery bag

"A British company, Symphony Plastic Technologies plc, has developed an innovative, practical and safe solution to the huge environmental problems caused by the millions of tonnes of plastic waste clogging up our planet." They have also developed a truly slick website covering their invention Degradable Plastics, an additive that "works to break down the carbon-carbon bonds in the plastic leading to a lowering of the molecular weight and eventually to a loss of strength and other properties." ie- give them enough time and they disintegrate. We are of two minds on this- it is great that they have developed a product that can eliminate the visual clutter of refuse bags and plastic waste everywhere, but another part of me says that we should not be picking up new bags every time we go to the store, and we should not be tossing the ones we do get into the street. The issue is not the bags- to quote the immortal Pogo, "we have met the enemy, and he is us" ::Degradable Plastics