Datacenters Can Reduce Energy Use by 10% with Some Software and Smart Power Strips

sentilla smart strip photo

Photo via Sentilla

By utilizing microprocessors built in to smart power strips and a powerful software program, Sentilla has created a way for datacenters to measure and manage power consumption of datacenters. The software is called, creatively, Energy Manager, and it can potentially reduce a datacenter's energy consumption by an impressive 10%.From Sentilla:

A common problem in reducing energy usage is knowing precisely where and when it is consumed. Sentilla Energy Manager for Data Centers solves this by accurately monitoring energy use in the data center. It measures and monitors electricity at the server/equipment level, giving building managers and IT staff insight into energy patterns in real-time and allowing them to measure, analyze and manage their facilities to save millions on energy costs.

The system sends data wirelessly to a computer every few minutes so a profile can be created of energy use and patterns, and from that data, a plan of action can be created to help datacenters cut down on energy use.

Cutting datacenter energy consumption and making the facilities as efficient as possible is the talk of the day right now. The Green Grid conference is scheduled for next week, where more information and ideas will be shared on how datacenters can be more effective at implementing change and be accountable for that change.

Tools like Sentilla's system are a great help. But industry guidance and standards are also going to play big roles in the near future.

Via Cleantechnica
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