Data Center Equipment Getting "Miles-Per-Gallon" Measurement Standard

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A major measurement used in figuring out the efficiency of a data center is PUE, or Power Usage Effectiveness. However, that measures the efficiency of data center cooling and power supply. What about the efficiency of the equipment humming away within the data center?

The Green Grid, a consortium of IT firms that is gaining industry clout, plans to give data centers a satisfactory way to measure how efficient their equipment is, and give everyone else a standardized way to make comparisons. The Green Grid is hoping that by next year, they’ll have a set of standardized metrics that companies can use to figure out the energy efficiency of servers, storage systems, and networking equipment.

As would be expected, a major reason why standardized measurements haven’t already been established is that various IT manufacturers bicker over just how to measure, since different methods make their equipment look better or worse compared to others. But, as Green Grid Director Jim Pappas stated:

"If you take the analogy of the car industry fuel efficiency figures for new cars are published and that helps drive progress and innovation. Having these new metrics will ensure that the companies that do innovate on energy efficiency are rewarded. We really do have a who's who of IT vendors signed up and they are behind this initiative."

With a standard way of looking at energy efficiency, companies will be forced to better their products, rather than find a different way to twist the numbers.

The standardized metrics will also allow IT companies to develop solutions for monitoring energy use of different software applications that are run within the data center, and then reorganize what is running when and how to optimize energy use.

Via Greener Computing
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