C.R.O.C. Parody Puts Carbon Offsets in Crosshairs

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Image via YouTube video screengrab

Carbon offsets. Did the hair on your neck stand up a little? Most people brace themselves for a bit of debate, or at least defense, when the topic comes up. On one side of the issue sit people who see carbon offsets as a way to negate what impact they have on the planet through daily activities. On the other side sit people who think carbon offsets are a complete C.R.O.C., like Greenpeace. They've created a parody of carbon offset promoters that will likely raise hares...er, hair.

Okay. Point taken. However, carbon offsets have their place and can be used for more than just green atonement. As Brian mentions over on Planet Green: "Put it this way: buying an offset after, say, you take a flight for a business trip, is a good, conscionable thing to do. But using offsets to validate flying all over the country isn't. They should be viewed as a supplement to real climate action, not the focus of the plan."

If there's a way around emitting carbon dioxide and GHGs in the first place, that is the number one focus. Carbon offsets can then be utilized after that to have a net zero sum impact on the earth's atmosphere.

So while they can be a croc, they're also an important resource. But taking a crack at them can be very funny.

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