Cricket Gives Out Free Shipping Labels for Easy Phone Recycling

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Cricket, a wireless voice and broadband Internet service provider, points to the fact that Americans toss about 130 million cell phones a year, totaling about 65,000 tons of waste annually, and yet only about 5% of that is recycled. So they're hoping to make it easier to recycle, and therefore boost those rates by offering printable pre-paid postage for sending in your old cell phone for recycling. Interestingly enough, Cricket's FAQ section of the website doesn't provide any info on the recycling program. But according to Good Clean Tech:

Like other services that perform similar functions, Cricket's is facilitated together with ReCellular Inc. The old phones sent in will be checked, and anything that still works (which turns out to be around 50 percent of all phones collected) will be refurbished and resold. Those which can't be repaired are disassembled and recycled properly - nothing is thrown in landfills.

The company also states that non-profit Rebuilding Together will be getting a piece of the proceeds from the program. So your old phone is not only being properly disposed of, but will also help in a small way to benefit the rebuilding of communities. Warm fuzzies.

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